CRP Media on AWS

CRP Medios is the largest radio station conglomerate in Peru. As much of the radio listening population has moved to the Internet, Ofi was chosen to provide CRP Medios with cloud-based management services.

Success story:

  • Need:The client had an infrastructure in the AWS cloud which, due to the nature of its architecture and technological distribution, had certain limitations in terms of availability and continuity of service, as well as a gap in the reuse of resources to optimise costs.
  • Results:Ofi, with its specialised team and together with the functional team of CRP Radios, designed an auto scaling model at the computing level and carried out a redistribution of infrastructure in order to optimise costs by increasing the tolerance to service failures, and also coupled the infrastructure by removing several components that were obsolete and generated dependency in functional terms.
  • Tools:AWS, AutoScaling Group, API Gateway, CloudFront
  • Tags:Cloud Management, AWS, Cloud Computing, Cloud Computing


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